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Musically, Grant started off playing classical music, just like many young musicians in the public school band program. Under the guidance of his middle school band teacher, Mr. Johnson, Grant started learning to improvise in the after-school jazz band. Grant was drawn to jazz and joined the high school jazz band and picked up trombone within the first semester of school. Soon after picking up the bass and hearing about Jaco Pastorius and the whole fusion scene, Grant wanted to experiment even more, but this time on bass.

In the fall of 2007, Waffle House Funk was born. Founded by Grant Rudd and sax player Jeremy Mohney, Waffle House Funk would come to be a staple in the Denver music scene. Through these funk gigs, Grant’s name started making its way around town, and he was soon freelancing gigs of all styles.

Grant moved to Boston in 2010 to study performance at Berklee College of Music. During his time in Boston, Grant studied with Paul Del Nero, Lincoln Goines, Dave Buda, Chris Loftlin, Janek Gwizdala, John Pattitucci, and Dennis Montgomery III. He has also played many gigs in the New England area, playing with artists such as Andy Grammer, Robert Gillies, Charlie Puth and Emily Luther, Tom Courtney, and The Gallery. Grant has been featured on many recordings and currently plays every Sunday at Holistic Life Ministries and Pleasant Hill Baptist Church. Pleasant Hill was just rated the number one gospel choir in the metro Boston area by the Bay State Banner.

I first start by assessing my students' interests and goals on the instrument, then create a lesson plan around their interests. I think the most important part of music is having fun while you are playing. That said, I also believe that anyone who wants to play music well needs to have a deep understanding of harmony. To me, harmony is like the grammar of music, and to communicate well, you need to have a decent understanding. Over the years, I have developed exercises of my own and acquired many from my teachers to make even the most dry aspects of harmony fun to apply to the instrument. My goal as a teacher is to give the students the knowledge they need to succeed and progress as musicians, while helping them develop their passion and interest in music.

I am a full-time gigging musician, so my availability is very flexible. The only ongoing conflict I might have would be Sundays 8am to 2pm EST when I play at church.  Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions regarding scheduling.

Reviews of lessons with Grant Rudd

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Setup for the video call was easy and I hardly had to do anything except entire the pin code and sit back. Mr. Rudd was very helpful and we had a great conversation about what to expect from an audition at Berklee. I gained a good understanding of the audition process and he even had advice on what I should look for in an audition piece. He was a very calm and pleasant person to talk to and was not judgmental or critical of any of my questions. I would recommend him to any bass player, or prospective Berklee student who needs audition advice.
Thomas, Bass Guitar Student
October 22nd, 2015
Grant actively showed interest in whatever direction I wanted to take for learning. Anything that amounted to critique came from a place with no harsh expectations and a forward nod to improvement. I look forward to further discussion of the bass guitar with him.
Max, Bass Guitar Student
April 6th, 2015